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2018 Design Trends


Inspired by Elle Decor's 2018 color predictions of red, burnt orange and turmeric, we've put together our own list of 20th Century designs in the forthcoming colors of the year. 

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Recovery From Hurricane Harvey: A List of Resources


Dear friends,

All of us here at Lynn Goode Vintage have survived the Harvey catastrophe which brutalized our beloved city.  Our homes and our store were spared and we know how very fortunate we are to be among the few who are intact.

Many of our relatives, friends, and clients did not fare as well as we have. The destruction and devastation is everywhere and difficult to describe to individuals not familiar with our city. It was heart-wrenching to watch in horror as friends and loved ones were being airlifted from roofs, or rescued by boats.

Houstonians have hearts as big as Texas, and we have witnessed the kindness and selflessness of others. Our mayor has been stalwart and generous, and shelters are now in place and volunteers are lining up to work tirelessly. Houston is the most diversified city in the United States, and we are working together with love and unity.

For our friends who have flooded, we are in the process of compiling resources for furniture and carpet restoration and would be happy to share our contacts with you.

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How To Design A Room To Heal In


Writer Deborah Lynn Blumberg for Folks, a Pillpack Magazine, sits down with Lynn Goode to discuss how a mindfully decorated room can shape our health and well-being.

Read the full interview here.  

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Demand Still Rising for Midcentury Modern Pieces


Diane Cowan, of the Houston Chronicle, interviews Lynn Goode and two of our clients, Amy Cherry and Greg Shannon, to find out what makes midcentury modern pieces so collectible and home-warming.

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Houston Chronicle Design Features Lynn Goode Vintage


Let's Be Clear: Acrylic, polycarbonate pieces here to stay 



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Modern Luxury Interiors Texas and The Goode Life


Modern Luxury Interiors Texas presents a wonderful glimpse into the home of Lynn Goode. 

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Vogue Mexico features Lynn Goode Vintage


Vogue México's guide to Houston shopping. 

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