+ Recovery From Hurricane Harvey: A List of Resources


Dear friends,

All of us here at Lynn Goode Vintage have survived the Harvey catastrophe which brutalized our beloved city.  Our homes and our store were spared and we know how very fortunate we are to be among the few who are intact.

Many of our relatives, friends, and clients did not fare as well as we have. The destruction and devastation is everywhere and difficult to describe to individuals not familiar with our city. It was heart-wrenching to watch in horror as friends and loved ones were being airlifted from roofs, or rescued by boats.

Houstonians have hearts as big as Texas, and we have witnessed the kindness and selflessness of others. Our mayor has been stalwart and generous, and shelters are now in place and volunteers are lining up to work tirelessly. Houston is the most diversified city in the United States, and we are working together with love and unity.

For our friends who have flooded, we are in the process of compiling resources for furniture and carpet restoration and would be happy to share our contacts with you.

For those of you who wish to help or contribute, here are links to our mayor's choices: 

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
United Way of Greater Houston

We are currently closed until Tuesday, September 5th.

As Fred Rogers used to say on his show Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, in times of crisis, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." In our beloved city, you will see them everywhere you look. 


Lynn, Emily, David, and Ellen 




Below is a list of resources to help with any furniture and carpet restoration needs you may have.

Many thanks to Sarah Balinskas Fine Framing for the fine art handling and conservation resources.



Furniture Cleaning: 

Clean As A Whistle 


Furniture Moving & Storage:

Thompson Delivery Services

Gerson Movers


Upholstery Repair: 

Mattiza's Custom Uphosteries

Upholstery By James



Rodriquez Refinishing

PWR Professional Wood Refinishing


Carpet Cleaning: 

River Oaks Rug Company

Blackmon Mooring


Art Handlers: 



DCM Art Services

ArtBot: (832) 423-6794


Painting Conservators:

Ray Balinskas

Whitten & Proctor Fine Art Conservation


Paper Conservators:

Carrabba Conservation

Hamilton Paper Conservation: (617) 849-4580





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