+ Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin

In 1945, Pierre Cardin moved to Paris where he studied architecture after World War II. Two years later, Cardin became head of Christian Dior’s tailleure atelier, and in 1950, he opened up his own fashion house. Cardin’s fashion comprised of haute couture designs that often held little regard for the female form and were instead inspired by bold geometric shapes and unisex fashions. During his time as a fashion designer, Cardin was also heavily involved in designing “Utility Sculpture” – avant-garde furniture pieces that, while being functional, acted more as pieces of art. His designs worked in tangent with the mid-century space age. Cardin states, “I like designing out of context, without the limitations of angles, corridors, room or walls. It’s all the same to me whether I’m doing sleeves for dresses or table-legs.” Source: pierrecardin.com 

Image: Pierre Cardin Credenza/Hall Table 

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